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How Long Should My New HVAC System Last?

Preparing for the future is a great strategy when it comes to home appliances, especially since they don’t wait for you to be ready for things to go wrong. Planning for the future of your new HVAC system begins with knowing how long it should last and the factors that can shorten its life cycle.

How long should my HVAC system last?

A new HVAC system should last anywhere from 10-20 years, if properly taken care of. For peak efficiency, it’s recommended you replace your system closer to 10 years.

Each HVAC system is unique, but there are many different factors that can shorten or extend the life cycle of your HVAC. Here are some things to avoid that could bring your HVAC system’s life to an untimely end.

Overusing The Thermostat

Running your AC at the same temperature when you’re away as you do when you’re home puts an unnecessary strain on the system. While everyone loves returning to a cool home, the extra tax on your HVAC could cause a premature end to its life. Remembering to change the thermostat before you leave, or getting a programmable thermostat, can help you keep your HVAC system running smoothly for a longer time.

Forgetting Regular Maintenance

Regular tune-ups can make a huge difference in the lifespan of your HVAC system and save you a lot of money by avoiding the cost of AC repairs or a new AC installation. A seasonal tune-up twice a year (before summer and winter) will ensure that your system is in working order and catch any unknown problems before they cause more damage.

Not Changing The Air Filter

Air filters are the only defense against dust and debris that can infiltrate the whole HVAC system and wreak havoc. Simply remembering to replace them when they get dirty can ensure that your HVAC system stays healthy for a long time. It’s generally recommended you change your filter every 2-3 months.

Putting Off Needed Repairs

Ignoring problems with your AC, no matter how small they seem, could drastically shorten the life of your HVAC system. An odd sound coming from the system may seem like something that can wait, but the problem could be throwing everything off and causing more issues. If you think your AC might need a repair, don’t put off calling an AC company. Avoiding the call only adds to the risk.

Taking care of your HVAC system goes a long way toward extending its life cycle. For HVAC services that will keep your system around for a long time, contact Air Clinic today.

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