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Is Your Heater Ready for Fall?

With cooler days right down the road, preventative HVAC maintenance is essential for a stress-free, comfortable season. Did you know that about 80% of all HVAC repairs could have been prevented with routine maintenance? Here are some benefits of routine maintenance services and why you shouldn’t neglect your air conditioner and heating system.

How Often Should You Schedule a Tune-Up?

In Texas, most HVAC systems need a tune-up twice a year, one in the spring for your AC and in in the fall for your heater. A tune-up includes checking things like the compressor, cleaning the evaporator drain and inspecting the combustion chamber. Ignoring your air conditioning system and heater could lead to harmful situations in the future, the most severe of which can include a house fire or a deadly carbon monoxide leak.

What Are the Benefits of Heater Services?

Regular heater maintenance services will greatly increase the lifespan and efficiency of your system and provide you benefits like:

Saving Money

According to IAQA, regularly maintaining your furnace can reduce future breakdowns by as much as 95%. In the long run, it’s more than worth it to pay for an annual maintenance visit if it will save you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars, in the future. Not to mention, your furnace will be more energy efficient with regular maintenance, reducing your monthly energy bills.

You can also save yourself even more money because regular maintenance — and fewer breakdowns — can extend your heater’s lifespan by years. This way, you won’t have to spend money to invest in a new one as soon.

Improving Your Air Quality

For people with severe allergies or respiratory issues, such as asthma, poor air quality can have detrimental effects on their health. Common indoor allergens include mold, dust mites and pollen. Heater maintenance helps ensure the air that is filtered through your vents is as clean as possible. Whether you are simply replacing your dirty filter or having your home’s air ducts cleaned, the indoor air quality in your home is important to maintain for the safety of you and your family.

Improving Your AC’s Performance

When your AC system is regularly taken care of, it consistently performs at its optimal capacity. By doing things such as calibrating the thermostat and cleaning the condenser coils during a comprehensive tune-up, your HVAC technician ensures that your heating system will run without failures or difficulties throughout the entire cold season.

If you are searching for a heating company DFW residents can trust and rely on, you’re in luck. Air Clinic DFW has the expertise and knowledge to deliver the best service possible at an affordable cost in the Dallas and Fortworth area. Contact Air Clinic DFW for more information on our reliable AC and heater maintenance services.

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