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What Is Inverter Air Conditioning?

With so much technology being developed these days, air conditioners are becoming more intuitive and efficient than ever before. The team at Air Clinic SA is committed to providing the best options and information to our customers so that you are aware of all your options when facing an AC installation or replacement.

If you’ve ever wondered what inverter technology is, read on to find out how it works and how it changes your AC’s performance.

How Does Inverter Technology Work?

An inverter is a physical component of an electrical system that regulates the amount of power running to the system’s motor. Without an inverter, the motor gets a consistent flow of power and can either run on high or be turned off. Those are the only two options.

With an inverter, the flow of power can be modulated between high and low settings to better accommodate for the changing temperatures. It’s similar to the difference between a light switch that flips on and off and a dimmer switch that can offer several options for light levels.

What Are The Benefits of An Inverter AC?

Since the inverter in the system has control over the power running to the motor, an inverter AC has the ability to use variable speed cooling. This process reduces strain on your AC unit and allows you to more accurately cool your home – instead of blasting cold air and hoping for the best.

This technology can help your home in several ways.

  • Comfort – Sometimes your AC only needs to run at a low level to lower the home one or two degrees, and with an inverter your unit will be able to perform these actions easier. You’ll feel comfortable for longer periods of time as the unit consistently is adjusting instead of turning on at full power and then shutting down.

  • Efficiency – When regular ACs turn on at full blast, they use a lot of energy to run that strongly. However, the inverter allows the AC to still be on cooling your air, but at a lower rate. More moderate cooling means less sudden spikes in energy usage.

  • Savings – Using less energy means you pay less money for better cooling. Controlling the level of energy consumption in your home will allow you to be more aware and precise with your spending.

  • Less Noise – The inverter causes your AC unit to increase in power gradually, getting rid of those sudden AC starts and stops you sometimes hear in your home. Plus, the normal running noise of the unit is decreased due to the design of the inverter.

Interested In Efficient AC Technology?

Air Clinic SA is always here to answer any questions you may have about your air conditioning performance. Our team has years of expertise with AC installation and advising on the best fit AC for your home. If you’d like more information on inverter air conditioners or are ready to schedule your installation appointment, give us a call.

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