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What Is SEER And Why Is It Important?

If you’re in the market for a new AC unit, one of the most important factors you should be considering is AC efficiency. Your air conditioner has to combat some extreme temperatures here in San Antonio, and that means you need a system up to the challenge.

Air Clinic is more than happy to provide premier San Antonio air conditioner installation services – and that includes every step

of the process. From selecting the brand or size of your unit to figuring out which SEER rating indicates the perfect level of efficiency for your home, we’re here to serve you!

What Does A SEER Rating Mean?

Each air conditioner is tested and labeled with an efficiency rating called a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER). This rating basically measures how much energy the unit uses to cool a set amount of air. Your AC runs on a source of power, and it’s important to know how much power it requires to deliver cool air to your home.

The more cool air a unit can produce while using less energy to produce it, the more efficient the system is. It is also worth noting that a SEER rating is the maximum efficiency the system can run at. This means that there are times – influenced by weather and temperature outside – that your unit may naturally run at a lower efficiency.

What Is The Best SEER Rating For My Home?

While the nationwide industry-enforced minimum SEER rating is technically 13 SEER, the best AC unit for your home may be affected by your location and cooling demands.

In fact, the industry enforces a 14 SEER minimum in Southwestern climates. The climate in these areas is so humid and sees such high

temperatures that our ACs need a little extra power to run efficiently. As San Antonians, it’s no stretch of our imagination to understand what our extreme weather conditions can do to an AC unit.

Is A Higher SEER Rating Worth It?

As far as air conditioning efficiency is concerned, there is no one rating that is better than all the others. Clearly, the higher the SEER efficiency rating is, the more efficient the system can be, but that doesn’t mean that all other systems are worthless.

A higher SEER rated AC unit is almost guaranteed to provide you with more accurate comfort. The quick and consistent cooling you’ve been looking for can easily be provided by a high SEER unit. Plus, every moment of cool air is using less energy than your old unit did. Your energy bills will certainly see a reduction.

However, higher SEER rated units are more expensive to invest in. Purchasing a 21 SEER unit just because it is the highest available to you may break your budget and cause more stress later. Moderately rated air conditioners can provide perfectly adequate air to your home.

AC Services You Can Count On

Your AC installation or replacement should be a good investment. Working with the dedicated and experienced team at Air Clinic will guarantee your AC starts to work with you instead of against you. Let us use our expertise to bring comfort and efficiency to your home! For quality AC installation services, give us a call!

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