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Breathe Easy with Indoor 
Air Quality Solutions

The Air Clinic team is Dallas / Fort Worth's air quality experts. We care about the quality of your air and are proud to offer extensive HVAC service and equipment to protect your family, customers and staff

Breath Cleaner Air

Whenever you breathe in your home's air, you can be exposed to allergens, dust, and bacteria that can aggravate breathing problems, allergies, and other health conditions. Your home's air can be made cleaner and healthier for you and your family by using Air Clinic's services and equipment. Contact us today to learn more about improving your indoor air quality. 


However, did you also know dirty air can cause more than just health problems? The wear and tear on your HVAC system and appliances can also increase your energy bills.In addition, dust accumulation may require more time to clean. Clean air can be achieved by using an air purification or filtration system from Air Clinic. We offer indoor air quality services in Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Hill Country and the surrounding Texas communities.  

Providing comfortable temperature control should not be all your HVAC system does. Investing in a quality heating and cooling system should also improve your indoor air quality.

Indoor Air Quality Services We Offer

Air Purification Systems

While many people are concerned about the quality of the air we breathe outdoors, we often forget that indoor air quality is just as important — if not more.  According to the Environmental Protection Agency, we spend about 90% of our lives indoors breathing the air circulated from the HVAC system. Installing a proper air filtration system in your home protects your family from harmful pollutants and keeps your HVAC system clean.

At Air Clinic Air Conditioning & Heating, we offer a variety of air cleaners to fit your needs. Contact Air Clinic to learn more about your indoor air quality options.

Ultraviolet Light Kits

A UV light kit is an air purification system that can be installed into your HVAC system and improve air quality through use of ultraviolet light.  Not to be confused with air filtration systems, UV light kits act as an addtional line of defense to protect your family from biological pollutants.

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